Soil is one of the most abundant building materials on earth. Each project starts at the ground level and the soil needs to be tested to ensure it can support the loads of the project. In today’s demanding construction environment, contractors can’t afford not to have real-time testing performed during soils placement. Construction Engineering Labs recognizes your need for expediency and is standing by with qualified individuals trained to operate the latest in density testing gauges and provide you with crucial compaction information.

1 Sieve Analysis
2 Moisture content
3 Atterberg limits (L.L,P.L & PI)
4 Maximum dry density moisture content relationship
5 California Bearing Ratio (soaked) 1 point
6 In situ density test( min 5 points) by sand Replacement method
7 Acid soluble sulphate
8 Acid soluble chloride
9 Organic Impurities
10 Linear shrinkage
11 Plate bearing test(reaction load to be provided by client)
12 MgSO4 Soundness
13 IRT
14 Bulk density
15 Electrical resistivity
16 Thermal conductivity of soil(kd2)
17 Sand equivalent value
18 Chloride content