Concrete Testing Laboratory in Qatar

There are so many tests available for testing of hardened concrete & fresh concrete. Slump, air content, unit weight and compressive strength tests are the most common tests for concrete. Our full range of independent concrete testing services can help ensure the quality of your concrete.
Technical Engineering Laboratory (TEL) offers a wide variety of on and off-site concrete tests on both fresh and hardened concrete. Our teams of experienced technical staff will attend your site and carry out testing for fresh concrete.

1 Compressive strength of cubes
2 Water Absorption of in Hardened Concrete
3 Flexural Strength of beam
4 Transverse Strength of Kerbstone
5 Water Absorption of Kerbstone
6 Compressive Strength of Kerbstone
7 Compressive Strength of Masonry Unit (blocks)
8 Water Absorption of Blocks
9 Compressive Strength of Paving Blocks
10 Water Absorption of paving Blocks
11 Compressive Strength of Concrete Core (Including Drilling up to 20 cm)
12 Modulus Elasticity (3 cylinder)
13 Density of cube
14 Water permeability (Din)
15 Air content
16 Bleeding
17 Slump, temperature and density
18 Concrete setting time
19 Sulphate content
20 Choride content
21 Physical analysis of cement
22 Chemical analysis of cement
23 Compressive strength for 3, 7 and 28 days
24 MsSO4 soundness
25 Consistency and setting time
26 Fineness
27 Miro silica chemical and physical
28 GGBS(chemical and physical)
29 Chloride content
30 Compressive strength of cylinder
31 Air content