Aggregate Testing Laboratory in Qatar

TEL is an independent third-party aggregate testing laboratory in qatar, we provide you with highly specialized personnel, technology and testing, material test such as gabbro, limestone, grading, crushing value, soundness,  sulphate, chloride, sieve, plasticity index etc.

aggregate testing


Aggregates make up the largest volume (66% to 78%) of material used in concrete and Asphalt. The aggregates for the normal use must be properly graded, hard, sound, durable, and free from chemicals or coatings of clay or other foreign materials that may inhibit the bond between the binding material and aggregate. Test on Aggregate must be performed to make sure that meet all these criteria.
TEL is one of the best aggregate testing laboratory in Qatar, we perform a wide range of the testing on aggregates. We take pride in our work and with our experienced staff and latest equipment. we promise to give you best possible and most reliable results.

Testing list as per QCS 2014

S.N. Requirement BS/EN ASTM
1 Grading 933-1
2 Natural: materials finer than 0.063 mm.
Crushed rock: materials finer than 0.063mm.
3 Structural concrete Sand Equivalent (%) 933-8
4 Non-structural concrete Methylene blue adsorption value3(0/2mm) 933-9
5 Clay lumps and friable particles C142
6 Lightweight pieces C123
7 Organic impurities for fine aggregates C40
8 Water absorption (saturated surface dry) 1097-6
9 Particle density for normal weight concrete 1097-6
10 Shell Content: 933-7
11 Flakiness index 933-3
12 Reinforced and mass concrete 1744-5
13 Acid-soluble sulphate 1744-1
14 Soundness by magnesium sulphate (5 cycles) 1367-2
15 Resistance to fragmentation: Los Angeles abrasion 1097-2
16 Drying shrinkage 1367-4
17 Potential reactivity: BS 206-1 & BS 8500
18 Plasticity index ASTM D 4318
19 Sand equivalent value ASTM D2419
20 Soundness by magnesium sulphate ASTM C88
21 Acid soluble chloride content BS 1377 Part 3
22 Acid soluble sulphate content BS 1377 Part 3
23 Los Angeles Abrasion ASTM C131 / C535
24 Aggregate Crushing Value (ACV) BS 812 Part 110
25 Gradation (Combined) ASTM C136
26 Flat and Elongated ASTM D4791
27 Fractured Faces ASTM D5821

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