Thermal Resistivity (TR) Test
By this test method the conductivity/resistivity of soft rock or soil (undisturbed or remolded) in field or in laboratory can be determined, using Transient Heat Method. We provides field and laboratory testing services to measure the thermal resistivity of concrete, rock, soil & backfill, CBS, FTB, bentonite material. Estimating thermal behavior of soil should be part of any cable design or any thermal storage facility design. It is the only way for you to receive a complete soil diagnostic that will allow you to determine the variations and/or characteristics of thermal dissipation that exist in the soil. This extremely valuable information helps you determine the correct cabling requirements, cable alignments, and identify the suitable cable backfill material.

Thermal Resistivity - Rock

The rate at which the heat flow through a material is a measure of thermal conductivity. In this test method, the thermal conductivity is determined by inserting a relatively long, small diameter needle into the material. The needle is consisting of both heating and temperature measuring element. A current of known amount is passed through the heater element heating up the surrounding material to a study state then the current is seized. The resulting variation of temperature through heating and cooling is monitored as a function of time.

As we are the most experienced laboratory in performing this test, Technical Engineering Laboratory (TEL) is performing this it for Kahramaa Approved projects all over Qatar in addition to other authorities and contractors.

Thermal Resistivity Testing Equipment

The KD2 Pro is a fully portable field and lab thermal properties analyzer. It uses the transient line heat source method to measure thermal conductivity, resistivity, diffusivity, and specific heat.  Sophisticated data analysis is based on 40+ years of research experience on heat and mass transfer in soils and other porous materials.

Thermal Resistivity Test

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